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The History of Del Rio

Del Rio Vineyard Estate hasn’t always been a vineyard. In fact, our property has a long and rich history that spans over centuries. Learn more about our Historic Tasting Room and the evolution of our estate.

The Rock Point Hotel

In 1861, John B. White developed a homestead on the north side of the stage road after a flood destroyed the bridge over the Rogue River along with his home on the south side of the river. Later in 1863, he opened a general store and sold his remaining homestead to Lytle J. White - no relation.

In 1864, Lytle established the Rock Point Hotel at the edge the property and began work on a new bridge. The hotel opened to the public with a grand ball on February 8, 1865.

Rock Point, OR

1870s - 1890s

Joining the hotel and John White's general store (now co-owned with Benjamin Haymond), were a post office, blacksmith shop, saloon, and a school.

But with the passage of time, things changed. The railroad had prepared a right of way through the property much to the chagrin of John, who later sold his interest in his store and moved to Nevada County, Ca. Lytle White died in 1878, and while his sons and wife continued to run the hotel after his death, they had finally closed its doors by the 1900s.

The Pear Boom


The future seemed bleak for the Rock Point Hotel, but in 1907, it began a new period in its life. F.K. Deuel and others purchased the hotel and surrounding land to create an 800-acre orchard.

Del Rio Orchards was planted during a rapid period of growth in the Rogue Valley known as the “pear boom.” During the Great Depression, orchards in the valley struggled to stay afloat, but were later revived towards end of World War II.


Late 1990s

Del Rio Orchard remained in the Deuel family until 1997, when Lee and Margaret Traynham of California purchased the land. Realizing the historical significance of the structures, the Traynhams began restoration and preservation of the Rock Point Hotel - one of the oldest structures in Southern Oregon.

Additionally, they began the transformation of the previously existing orchard into a vineyard.


Del Rio Vineyards

Now one of the largest operating vineyards in the state of Oregon, Del Rio Vineyard Estate is home to 300-acres of grape vines.

Situated somewhere between the past and present, our vineyard estate provides an educational, historical, and pleasurable experience to all guests.

A Haunting Legacy

With a history as robust as Del Rio's, it comes as no surprise that a friendly spirit may have chosen to hang around.

Hattie Haymond, wife of general store owner Benjamin Haymond, is said to have taken up permanent residence at our Historic Tasting Room. While we aren't able prove or disprove her presence, many of our tasting room team have had encounters with Hattie. But don't let that stop you from visiting! We assure you that she's friendly.

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