Through time and a deep understanding of our terroir, we have created customized strategies individualized for each vintage, as well as each grape variety in our vast and diverse vineyard. 

Del Rio's Philosophy

My approach to winemaking is a representation of my origins, life experiences, personality, and beliefs in winemaking.

Ultimately, my goal is for the taster to continue to find a complexity of flavors and aromas with each sip.

A good wine should arouse curiosity through its originality, balance, respectfulness of the fruit, texture, and must express to its best the vineyard site and the work of the grower.

Coming from a family of winemakers in the Loire Valley, France, I draw upon this experience to produce fruit-forward white wines with a hint of acidity.

I rely on my experience in Bordeaux and Australia to achieve red wines that are deep in color with balanced tannins, all while allowing the fruit’s characteristics to shine.

Our aging regime is crafted to suit each wine. Oak barrels are sourced from France and America, alongside the use of lees aging, malolactic fermentation, maceration techniques, and yeast strains to create unique yet subtle nuances for each varietal. 

- Jean-Michel Jussiaume, Winemaker





Since our establishment in 1997, Del Rio Vineyards & Winery has continued to develop with the ultimate goal of creating a vineyard, winery, and brand that is sustainable.

In representing the true essence of the terroir in a consistent, competitive, and economically sustainable manner, an ecologically balanced environment has been created that can be passed on to future generations.

Sustainable Farming

We practice sustainable farming methods to maintain optimum plant health, enhance root growth, and encourage consistency and crop development. Our vines are never stressed and nutrients in the soil are replenished.


We maintain a cover crop that allows our vines to create a habitat for good bugs to thrive that aid in our vineyard’s biodiversity. Nesting boxes for owls and hawks also aid in the reduction of any potential rodent populations.

Wildfire Protection

Every year, Del Rio Vineyard Estate gets a little help with wildfire protection from an unlikely source – a herd of cattle. Cattle graze on the vegetation that surrounds the vineyard that could potentially burn in the event of a wildfire.

Industry Inquiries

For bulk wine, grape & private label sales, please contact Jean-Michel at