The Del Rio Family

Meet our dedicated team who work hard to bring you exceptional wines, fun events, and memorable experiences in the tasting room.

Del Rio Vineyards Owners

Rob Wallace


Jolee Wallace


Winery Team

Jean-Michel Jussiaume

Head Winemaker

Elias Bushen

Assistant Winemaker

Charley Thomas

Bottling Manager

J.P. Sandoval

Cellar Hand

Fred Salomon

Cellar Hand

Paul Walker

Cellar Hand

Distribution Team

Darelle Ploof

Mikayla Pope

Alan Southwick


Lindsey Zagar

Director of Operations

Courtney Thomas

Tasting Room & Events Manager

Jenny Richmond

Wine Club & Compliance Manager

Sarah Mellema

DTC Shipping Coordinator

Lena Freeman

Marketing Assistant

Elizabeth Cermak

Tasting Room & Events Assistant

Alicia Hague


Vineyard & Maintenance Team

Raul Banuelos

Vineyard Foreman

Clayton Wallace

Vineyard Team

Duane Henderson

Maintenance Foreman

Ruben Ragsdale

Maintenance Team

Tasting Room Team

Sammie Beck

Tasting Room Team

Sydney Beck

Tasting Room Team

Dolores Botsford

Tasting Room Team

Yvonne Decker

Tasting Room Team

Joelle O'Roark

Tasting Room Team

Audra Tallman

Tasting Room Team

Nancy Roby

Tasting Room Team

Hillary Wallace

Tasting Room Team

Dogs of Del Rio


Team Morale Technician


Director of Butterfly Compliance


Quality Control; Treat Division