Rock Point Wines

Created for Adventure

Like the wild and scenic Rogue River, Rock Point wines are created for adventure. It’s time to discover the rich flavors of Oregon!

Roguishly good, these wines are designed to be shared.

Inspired by the wild and scenic Rogue River that runs at the foot of both Del Rio and Birdseye vineyards, the exciting Rock Point Wines were created. Designed to be both sophisticated, approachable, and ready for exploring the rugged Pacific Northwest.

Jean-Michel Jussiaume

Exploring with Rock Point

We love this wild and scenic state that we live in.
We invite you to explore and taste Oregon with us.

Explore the Rogue River

This is a trail that cuts through Rogue River Wild and Scenic, and the Rogue River Wilderness on the north shore of the Rogue. The trail offers a number of activity options.

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The Rock Point Case Club provides our friends and loyal customers our wines at the best price. Twice a year, members will receive twelve bottles of Rock Point wines!

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Explore all four of our delicious Rock Point Wines; from our classic Oregon Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris to the beautifully blended River Red and River White.

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