Harvest 2022

Harvest 2022

UPDATE: November 16th, 2022
Harvest is officially over and we are happy to report it was a glorious success! Not only did we literally fill our winery to the brim, but we did it a day ahead of a huge rainstorm that would have really put a damper on things. 

The first notable thing about this year's harvest was that it was late. Two weeks late, in fact. Starting harvest late isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it can prove to be a challenge to finish. 

Once it was go-time, we picked fast. We averaged around 138 tons of fruit picked per day, with our biggest day weighing in at 225 tons. We started picking at this rate, not because we were so excited, but because all of the grapes started to ripen at the same time. Usually, when the weather begins to cool, it slows down the sugar production which allows the grapes to ripen in a steady, but sequential process. Not this year. With this year's warm autumn, we had to race to keep up with the accelerated rate of ripening. Towards the end, things had slowed down, but we were at the point that we needed to get everything in before the rain started to fall. So we picked every day for a month and a half straight. 

We couldn't be happier with the quality of fruit that came in and think this could be one of our best vintages yet. We are so proud of our vineyard and winemaking team. They are the foundation of everything we do and we wouldn't be here without them or Jolee's cooking. 

First Week of Harvest - September 10th
Thank you to Danny Hall Films for capturing our second day of harvest, when we picked the Chardonnay. Cheers to another wonderful vintage.