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I’ve Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day with this Grenache Rosé

Lindsey Zagar | Mon, Nov 16, 20

2017 Grenache Rosé

2017 Del Rio Grenache Rosé

It is that time of year again, when we are winding down from winter and looking forward to spring sunshine and warmer weather. What better way to usher in the excitement for a season of rebirth than with a new release of our 2017 Grenache Rosé? Crisp, refreshing, and oh so pink and pretty, this wine is bursting with fresh fruit flavor.  The elegant light sunset color of this Rosé masks what is a wholly complex and intensely flavorful wine, which comes across as anything but pale. At your first whiff, you are transported to a lush orchard full of bright citrus, juicy berries, and roses in full blossom.  With your first sip, tangy grapefruit, early summer strawberry, and tropical guava dance across your tongue, finished with a pleasing stony minerality that both compliments and completes its intense palate of luscious fruit.

In order to achieve this wine’s lovely salmon at sunset color, the Grenache grapes were left to soak for 48 hours in their red skins before being gently pressed and allowed to ferment in 100% stainless steel tanks. Once its primary fermentation is complete, the wine is racked, meaning it is pumped from its original fermentation tank to a different tank, leaving behind its heavy sediment.  It is here that the wine does most of its aging, slowly acquiring fine lees through light sedimentation, which further develops its complexity, and highlights the bright fruit flavors that this wine boasts. In order to retain maximum flavor and body in balance with crystal clarity, this Rosé underwent a light filtration, just prior to bottling.

2017 Grenache Rosé brings a taste of brilliant spring shine, no matter how grey the weather may be outside.  With a screw top cap in lieu of a traditional cork, this wine just begs to be taken on a picnic and enjoyed outdoors with friends. Hike to the summit, cross a river into a meadow, or drag your paddle board on shore and unpack your lunch of cold chicken salad sandwiches, fruit and soft fresh cheeses and pour yourself a glass while you languish in nature’s beauty.

Like a nice blazer or trendy leather jacket, this wine can transition from day to night, effortlessly pairing well with fancier fare for a dinner date. Sashimi, ceviche, cubed feta and watermelon with pomegranate citrus vinaigrette and fresh greens, pizza margarita, or parmesan arancini would all be divine when paired with this wine, gracing your table under the sultry lighting of your favorite local dinner establishment.  Day or night, casual or formal, this wine will always be the perfect fit.  Slip into a sip of a glass of Grenache Rosé, and savor the moment.

2017 Del Rio Grenache Rosé