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Quilt on Loan

Lindsey Zagar | Mon, Nov 16, 20

History runs deep here at Del Rio and we are constantly learning more about the people who lived here. The White family who built the stage coach is full of history. Lucky for us we have a descendent of the Whites just down the street our neighbor, Carol Maurer. She is passionate about the history of Del Rio and the surrounding area and loves to share stories with us. A few weeks ago she brought in this quilt that was embroidered by her grandmother Frances E. White. Frances was just 10 years old, along with her older sister, cousins and friends completed these embroidered strips in 1898. In the summer of 2017, Carole took the completed embroidered strips to Candy O’Brien a local quilter in Rogue River to complete the piecing and to be quilted. This quilt “States of the 48” is amazing to see up close and then to realize that is was made by young girls in the late 1800’s is almost mystifying. Each block represents the states that were part of our union at the time, including the state flower and bird. If you come in, you will notice not all state information is currently accurate and there is one state represented twice. We are fortunate to have this piece of local art for a brief time in our tasting room. We hope you will have time to stop by and see it up close. Quite amazing.