Meet our International Winemaking Team

Meet our International Winemaking Team

Harvest 2018 is here and we are picking fruit daily. Turning that fruit into the delicious product you love so much is our winemaking team. We are  blessed with a dynamic and international winemaking team. Each individually brings a unique experience and background with wine to the Del Rio cellar. So, I thought I might take a moment to introduce you to the five guys who make up the team with three quick facts about each one:


Del Rio Arrival Date: July 2008
Origin: Loroux –Bottereau, France
Favorite Harvest Moment: The first grapes sampling announcing the upcoming harvest and the excitement that comes with it.


Del Rio Arrival Date: August 8, 2012
Origin: Changy, Southern Burgundy, France
Favorite Harvest Moment: Sunshine on the crushpad as we are getting the grapes in from the night harvest. This chill that gives you goosebumps as this is the coolest time of the day.


Del Rio Arrival Date: February 2007
Origin: Guadalajara, Mexico
Favorite Harvest Moment: The first day and last day of harvest. The first, because it’s very intriguing to see how harvest is going to turn out and the last day because we finally have all the fruit in and time to have a rest. 😅


Del Rio Arrival Date: August 2014
Origin: Bruckmuehl, Germany
Favorite Harvest Moment: Shoveling out the first tanks, because of the intense fermentation aromatics that come with it!!!  After a while it becomes work again 😉


Del Rio Arrival Date: September 19, 2017
Origin: Napa, California
Favorite Harvest Moment: When the “sweet Muscat” rolls in and the whole cellar crew enjoys a taste before crushing it.

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